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Anonymous asked:

Do you have a tutorial on how you draw hair? It looks so smooth and silky, something I can never manage to do.

Th-Thank you, first of all. I’m so flattered that someone likes the way I draw hair so much asfshdfs ;w;

But I don’t really have a tutorial on hand. I mean, I guess I could try to whip one up, maybe. >n<

Nano: I-I’ve never seen Ponyville quite this active before…

(( PHEW, I’ve finally finished this update! It’s been wayyy too long! Anyway, this here is my thank-you to all you wonderful followers!

Featuring (in no particular order): (Thanks for the help with the backgrounds, by the way! <3)

Thank you, all 171 of you! (And to think that I just hit 150 when I started this, oh my. x3)

On that note, updates will resume on a somewhat regular basis! Feel free to ask a question - I could always use those~! ))

Read This!

I’m about to tell you about that follower thank you thing I mentioned sometime earlier!

Nano and the others will arrive in Ponyville with my next update. I need background ponies, a bunch of them. Sooo…

If you want your OC featured in my next update, reblog this with a reference! It’s the least I could do to thank you all for being awesome~

First image - May 2013

Second image - December 2013

Were… Were these two images really drawn by the same artist?!

Yeah, I decided to do that thing where you draw something from the past over again to see how much you’ve improved, and… wow. Even I can’t believe the amount of improvement here.

(Also, no text in the new image because meh, that’s not the important thing here.)

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